23rd International Construction Fair

The largest hispanic-american construction fair.

We invite you 

to Edifica 2024

In Edifica, you will be able to discover the latest technologies and advancements in the global construction industry. Additionally, you will enjoy a space to exchange ideas and expand your business networks.

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Last news

24 . 01 . 2024

With a focus on reactivation and the presence of Minister Montes, the Chilean Chamber of Construction presented Edifica 2024.

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Carlos Montes, and authorities from the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), were part of the official launch of the Edifica 2024 Fair, which has been held since 1990, bringing together key players in the construction industry. On this occasion, the President of the CChC, Juan Armando Vicuña, highlighted the revitalizing message that the fair brings, at a time when the economy and the country need a boost to recover investments, projects, and jobs.

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