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Wednesday 5 de October del 2022

The multinational has been working for years in the innovation and development of construction machinery, offering effective solutions to the challenges demanded by today’s projects. Once again, XCMG will surprise visitors during an exhibition dedicated to construction. This time, it will be at the 2022 edition of Edifica to be held at the new FISA fairgrounds in Santiago de Chile, between October 3 and 6, where XCMG will exhibit its latest innovations in heavy machinery. The objective of the international company’s presence is to showcase the broad portfolio of products and services it offers for all sectors of the industry, including a wide range of equipment for both light and heavy construction, reinforcing the world-class reputation that XCMG has earned in the industry. Real Machinery Visitors to Edifica will have the privilege of getting to know XCMG’s greatest innovation, as the first and only electric wheel loader, model XC968EV, which has already performed successful field tests for important clients in Chile, will be on display during the fair. The front wheel loader is an exclusive innovation that has a motor system with electronic control and variation, coupled directly to the drive axles. Among its main virtues are the strength of 100% electric power, its 270 kilowatts of power, 60% more than common models, and its charging in only one hour, to operate for 6 to 8 continuous hours. The other equipment that will be exhibited at the Edifica stand and esplanade are: The 22.5 ton XE225BR excavator, which is characterized by its high efficiency, speed, economy, smooth operation and unmatched performance, proving to be the best ally for earthmoving, civil construction, mining, road engineering and port construction. The QY70KH truck crane is known for having a patented telescopic system that avoids inconveniences due to boom misuse and improves operational safety. It incorporates an LCD display for the function with intelligent limiter that diagnoses faults and accuracy in the work performed. The XS123 fully hydraulic, self-propelled, high efficiency, high quality vibratory roller. It is mainly used for coarse base compaction operations, for high traffic roads, airports, ports and industrial construction sites. Its hydraulic system adopts a closed hydraulic conditioning standard, composed of a variable displacement pump and motor to ensure better performance and climbing ability on slopes. “At XCMG we are all about “Building Future“, as we spend a lot of time, effort and resources in developing equipment that deliver solutions for today’s industry. And right now, one of our focuses and market focus is electromobility technology. In addition, we continue to offer the best delivery times, at a fair price and with a technical configuration similar or better than what other brands have,” said Julio Piña Alegria, XCMG Latam Commercial Manager. Edifica will definitely be a great opportunity for visitors to learn about new developments in construction equipment that will help build a better future, thanks to their reduction of environmental and noise pollution, as well as a decrease in machinery maintenance. We look forward to seeing you at booth AD-110 in the Open Area About Us Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. (XCMG) founded in 1989 has remained a leader in the heavy machinery industry in China. With its wide range of machinery equipment, XCMG is considered one of the largest business groups in the industry and has become one of the most competitive and influential in China. The group ranks third in the global construction machinery industry, as measured by Yellow Table 2022; and remains firmly as China’s No. 1. XCMG high performance equipment guaranteed XCMG Chile is present since 2018 as a factory office in Santiago, Copiapó and soon in the Norte Grande; being a support to our customers as a trusted supplier offering solutions and services for mining and construction equipment. In XCMG core values are the delivery of quality machinery, innovative equipment tailored to customer needs, with a strong commitment to values and responsibilities. Our business mission is to discover smart engineering technologies and relevant fields, for the provision of win-win solutions for infrastructure construction and sustainable development globally.

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