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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile


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Tuesday 11 de October del 2022

For the first time in Chile, a heavy machinery manufacturer announced the virtues of an electric equipment, which attracted the attention of the Seremi of Energy. Edifica 2022 was the scenario that the international company XCMG chose to launch its new wheeled front loader, model XC968EV, the first and only 100% electric equipment that will soon begin to operate in the country to build the future. The machine attracted the attention of the visitors for its various characteristics, so much so that even the Seremi of Energy of the Metropolitan Region, Iván Morán, gave a demonstration of the front loader, which does not have an internal combustion engine. The Regional Ministerial Secretary of the Energy portfolio met with the new Corporate General Manager of XCMG in Chile, Shuxin Wu, at the stand of the multinational to share opinions about the positive technical properties of this new technology that was introduced to the national market. “We feel very proud and excited that innovation and development are bearing fruit and reaching our country to establish new energy paradigms”, stated Iván Morán during his meeting with the leader of XCMG. But not only this electric equipment attracted the attention of the public and customers, but also the presence of the always versatile, functional, efficient and performing crawler excavator model XE225BR, which attracted attention every day with its smooth movements, despite being such a robust machine. XGMC thanks all those who visited its exhibition during the last version of Edifica, which took place between October 3 and 6 at the new Parque Fisa venue, located on Route 68.

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