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Worldmaq at Edifica: Construction Machinery Sales, Leasing and Services

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Thursday 23 de June del 2022

Worldmaq Maquinarias, a company founded in 2014 and considered an important supplier at national level, is oriented to the sale, rental and technical service of machinery for construction, mining and industry. Its main focus is directed to the excellence of its products, providing cutting-edge technology, fully satisfying the demands and needs of the market and its customers. It also provides in each service a personalized attention considering price-quality, through constant, reliable and efficient advice to those who need it. It stands out for having important representations, all with great reputation and worldwide presence in areas as diverse as soil compaction, concrete finishing equipment, surface preparation and repair, support equipment in the area of generation, lighting and heating. Some of them are: WEBER MT- DYNAPAC – MBW – NORTHROCK – KRAFT TOOL – LAVINA – MK DIAMOND – UNIMEC – TSURUMI — TRIME – MASTER – CIMAR – HONWAY- SENCI. Worldmaq Maquinarias, together with the alliance it has generated with its suppliers, is able to offer its customers competitiveness, and adaptation to their needs with creativity, innovation, reliability and quick and sincere response capacity, maintaining a close relationship with each of them with the idea of being part of their projects. For this reason, and confirming the leadership in the market obtained during these years, this 2022 they move to their new headquarters located at Avenida Miraflores N°9300, Condominio Industrial Aeroparque, Pudahuel commune. “In these new, spacious and comfortable premises, we will continue to provide excellence in our work together with the entire Worldmaq team, thus ensuring that we are the only company with which our customers can feel supported to carry out their projects”, said the institution.

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