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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Why Exhibit?

Edifica is the only meeting point between supply and demand in the industry, providing space to promote solid alliances and contact networks. The event brings together supplier, professional visitors and representatives of the public and private sector.

The exhibition unfolds in 75 thousand meters, in which nearly 900 exhibitors participate, representing more than 5,000 brands. During the exhibition days, we receive more than 35 thousand professional visits.

EDIFICA has a 70% international participation.

Develop your network

At Edifica, more than 1,200 business meetings are held that will allow you to grow your network of contacts efficiently to generate new contacts and boost your business with Chilean and international clients interested in your products, services and technological solutions.

Advantages of business rounds:
• A business meeting is an easy and efficient platform.
• Edifica commits to guarantee the success of the meetings: planning of the business rounds, registration reminders, dedicated welcome in the program, among others.
• Special area devoted to exchange that guarantees confidentiality with its clients and potential clients.

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Edifica receives professional visitors and decision makers from different areas

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