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Wednesday 9 de March del 2022

Since 1949, Villalba Aceros produces the best solutions in steel plates and panels, with and without insulation, coated in zinc aluminum, galvanized and pre-painted in different colors for residential and industrial constructions. With a strict policy of quality, reliability and great service, Villalba Aceros has a stable customer base throughout Chile that attests to its solidity and reliability. Villalba offers steel solutions in the roofing and cladding market for construction in the housing, industrial and mining sectors. Villalba Aceros offers products in a wide variety of designs and colors: -For roofing and cladding solutions for housing, products such as corrugated sheets in natural aluminum zinc and color, simple pre-painted tiles and insulated tile, Arquitecho panel, metal siding, Galvacon profile system and various shanty products stand out. -For industrial buildings such as warehouses, commercial and institutional centers, cold storage rooms, warehouses, mining process buildings and others, trapezoidal panels, architectural panels, perforated panels, collaborating panels and panels with polystyrene, polyurethane foam and rock wool insulation stand out. The latter, for buildings requiring thermal and acoustic insulation and fire resistance. Villalba Aceros, always thinking about innovation and meeting the growing needs of its customers, introduces new products such as the Microondulado panel and the Cuadroforma panel, which provide high durability and aesthetics to the projects. Quality, commitment, state-of-the-art technology and a wide variety of products and colors, together with a great team of people, make Villalba Aceros, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors in the steel roofing and siding industry in Chile. www.villalba.cl

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