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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Thermowin Kompen Chile: Importer and distributor in the world of construction will be in Edifica 2022.

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Thursday 7 de July del 2022

Thermowin is a precursor organization in importing and distributing construction materials, such as; aluminum and PVC profiles, glass, machinery for processing aluminum and PVC windows, machines and supplies for the production of hermetic double glazing (Termopanel), hardware and accessories for windows and doors, structural walls and enclosures premium quality to ensure a sublime work. Today Thermowin is the official representative of Kompen Pvc in Chile since 2014. 2014, which makes the organization proud for having been in the market for 29 years and being pioneers in the distribution being pioneers in distribution in the south of Chile, highlighting that they have always sought solutions for maximum comfort solutions for maximum comfort, generating confidence, quality and comfort. comfort. We know that every day new needs arise in our customers, that is why our main vision is to always deliver products that our main vision is always to deliver quality products, sustainable and quality to show off any and quality products to show off any type of work in our country. Because of this is that all our products go through certification processes to be up to date with the legislation (ISO standards) and with the legislation (ISO standards) and climatic conditions, ensuring the demands of our demands of our target public. As of 2022, Kompen has initiated a change in its industrial processes, using 100% renewable energy to processes, using 100% renewable energy for the production of Pvc profiles, reducing the company’s Pvc profiles, reducing the organization’s carbon footprint and the use of environmentally harmful fossil fuels. fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment. This undoubtedly demonstrates the company’s commitment the company’s commitment to adapting to the problems of the contingency and to the constant training of its the constant training of its employees to provide high quality products. quality products. As a result of the continuous search for efficient materials and processes, we are working on the creation of new lines of profiles that will be with us in approximately October October to be implemented and that seek to focus their measures to works that require minimizing that require minimizing costs to maximize their utilities, and taking into account the same quality, aesthetics, and taking into account the same quality, aesthetics and vanguard. It will be called Kom 1500 line completely developed by Thermowin and that will be used mainly in buildings, villas and and will be used mainly in buildings, villas and social projects. This has the organization very happy and with new goals and objectives to achieve.

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