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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

REVISTIENDO.COM presents its wide range of coatings at Edifica

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Friday 9 de September del 2022

REVISTIENDO.COM is a young and innovative company dedicated to the sale of modern coatings for housing projects. These coatings are characterized by significantly reducing construction costs, thanks to its easy and quick installation, which does not require highly skilled labor and whose main benefit is an excellent finish. Its headquarters are located in the fifth region, but thanks to an internal development they have managed to implement a new concept of showrooms, incorporating to this project an important network of branches that currently covers from Coquimbo to Puerto Montt. Thanks to this development, customers from different regions are living a unique experience, since they can know in a physical way the range of products and receive a complete advice from the moment they enter any of its branches, where they are attended online by one of the commercial executives. To guarantee delivery, Revistiendo.com has a modern fleet of commercial vehicles and agreements with different transport companies, ensuring that the products arrive quickly and safely to their destination.

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