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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Revestech will be present at Edifica 2022

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Tuesday 20 de September del 2022

This year Revestech participates in Edifica for the first time, and does so in conjunction with its exclusive distributor for Chile, RCE LATAM. Revestech is a company founded in 1945 in Alicante, Spain, which has positioned itself as one of the largest European manufacturers of sustainable waterproofing systems. Revestech is present in more than 35 countries and has participated in major construction projects through the provision of its innovative solutions, which are classified into the following categories: -DRY waterproof membranes. -Systems for water channeling and drainage. -Sheets for uncoupling termination pavements. -Accessories for waterproofing systems. Edifica will be a great opportunity to present new products to architects, specifiers, real estate companies, builders and distributors of construction materials. The main innovations that will be presented during the fair are: -ECODRY waterproofing membranes made from 100% recycled material. -Waterproofing and water canalization systems. -Sheets that prevent a finish coating (porcelain tile, ceramic) from coming loose or cracking due to the structural movements of a building (a term known in Europe as decoupling). In Chile, the marketing of the full range of Revestech products and solutions is done through RCE LATAM, a Chilean company founded in 2019 that has a team of professionals with an outstanding track record as waterproofing specialists since 2002, demonstrated through participation in outstanding construction works throughout the country. In addition to its product offering, RCE LATAM has specialized services for its clients, among which the following stand out: -Design of waterproofing projects. -Generation of technical specifications. -Project review and consulting. On-site support. -Certified contractors for the execution of special projects. -Direct import of products.

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