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EDIFICA 2019 – RC Tecnova will be part of expoedifica with metalpol, product of greater strength and lower weight for the construction of houses and buildings

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Monday 15 de June del 2020

RC Tecnova will participate in the next version of EXPOEDIFICA. At the company they stressed that “we combine high-quality technical materials, such as galvanized steel and expanded polystyrene (EPS), for the development of our modular panels, in addition to the creation of sustainable coatings, such as elastomer mortars and organic projected cork for facades and roof.” About this they stressed that “the combination of these materials results in Metalpol, a product that offers greater strength, lower weight and has no thermal bridges. With this product and through an industrialized process panels for walls, slabs and ceilings are manufactured, with that it is possible to make extensions, build houses, housing complexes and even partition walls and facades for high-rise buildings.” Exhibition at EXPOEDIFICA Metalpol® panels, dry modular construction system that allows to be faster and more insulating, with the greatest possible strength and the lowest weight compared to traditional systems. The products include the Wall Panel, Slab, Metalpol® Roof, NovaPlac® MgO plates, NovaEifs® system and Naturalcork® coatings. “We have developed a construction system and then a productive process to pre-manufacture the parts and pieces of which it is made of, with their own technology”, they say at the company. With its unique properties and investment in innovation, Metalpol managed to meet the highest standards of safety, thermal insulation, acoustics, fire resistance, obtaining the Fire Certification according to Nch935/1.Of97 obtaining F60 – F90 – F120 – F180. These features have led the company to being part of large real estate projects within Chile and Ecuador. In addition to these features, Metalpol responds to the different customers’ needs, since being a product that is industrialized, different sizes and thicknesses can be manufactured. Also it is possible to achieve the greatest strength and the lowest weight. From the company, they emphasize that “this event is very important to emphasize that Metalpol is industrialized and thus stand out beyond our potential market.”

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