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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

ECOASFALTO will be present at Edifica 2022

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Tuesday 16 de August del 2022

Ecoasfalto is a cold asphalt mixture, made with environmentally friendly raw materials, for the repair of potholes and deformations of asphalt and concrete pavements. Among the main characteristics of this product is that it is made with recycled aggregates, non-polluting solvents and allows its application in different environmental conditions, including filling potholes that have been saturated with water. Quick application and quick opening to traffic. Manufactured and distributed by Productos Bituminosos S.A., PROBISA, a Petro Química company whose activity is the import, production and commercialization of asphalts used in the construction of road works. It belongs to the French group VINCI International through its subsidiary VINCI CONSTRUCTION and has been present in the asphalt market in Chile since 1995.

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