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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Main News Novedades y noticias - Edifica 2022

Exhibitors News Novedades y noticias - Edifica 2022

Winhouse profiles present at Edifica 2022

Winhouse profiles are manufactured by Firat Plastik, whose facilities are located in Istanbul. Founded in 1972, today it is one of the three largest companies in the world in the production of plastic products, being the leader in the distribution of profiles with 60% of the market and exports to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

Monday 3 de October del 2022
Patagual Home: The most modern and technological modular industrialized wood construction factory in South America joins Edifica

An innovative, sustainable and highly technological process, which combines wood with a modular format, is what the company will present at this fair. This makes it an excellent option for building industrialized housing solutions and redefining the use of spaces.

Friday 30 de September del 2022
ObraLink will present its innovations in construction at Edifica 2022

The technology company created by Chilean entrepreneurs will be present at Edifica 2022 and will perform several demonstrations of its innovative solution for the construction industry. The technology created by ObraLink, allows automatically and in real time, the measurement of progress, planning and obtaining of concrete resistance to accelerate construction along with other relevant aspects for construction companies.

Thursday 29 de September del 2022
MarvyTurf, artificial grass manufacturer, arrives at Edifica 2022

MarvyTurf is an international company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of artificial grass carpets worldwide.

Monday 26 de September del 2022

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