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03 to 06 October 2022 - Santiago, Chile

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Exhibitors News Novedades y noticias - Edifica 2022

Worldmaq at Edifica: Construction Machinery Sales, Leasing and Services

Its main focus is directed to the excellence of its products, providing cutting-edge technology, fully satisfying the demands and needs of the market and its customers.

Thursday 23 de June del 2022
FASTWORK: The panel that revolutionizes the way we build

It is widely used as envelope, partition slabs and stairs. It resists weights of more than 50 kilos in a single point.

Thursday 16 de June del 2022
Edifica 2022 will count with the participation of Grupo UNACEM

The UNACEM Group, a company that has been contributing to the sustainable growth and development of the cement and concrete industry in the United States and Latin America for more than 100 years, is recognized for its technological innovation and professional experience.

Thursday 9 de June del 2022
Hormigones UNICON will be present at Edifica 2022

UNICON, a concrete company with extensive international experience and with presence in Chile since 2018, has 10 concrete production branches between La Serena and Chillán.

Thursday 9 de June del 2022

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