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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Patagual Home: The most modern and technological modular industrialized wood construction factory in South America joins Edifica

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Friday 30 de September del 2022

An innovative, sustainable and highly technological process, which combines wood with a modular format, is what the company will present at this fair. This makes it an excellent option for building industrialized housing solutions and redefining the use of spaces. From San Pedro de la Paz, in the Biobío Region, the most modern and technological industrialized modular wood construction factory in South America will be at EDIFICA. With a production capacity of between 1,300 and 2,000 units per year -if demand so requires- Patagual Home is committed to this type of construction, as it firmly believes in its multiple benefits by allowing to build four times faster than other traditional systems, with better quality standards and in a more sustainable way, by using 90% less water and generating less waste and CO2. For this reason, those who visit their stand will not only be able to see one of their Tiny Home homes live and direct, but also experience the simplicity of the modular assembly process and learn about the complete catalog of products available to meet the needs of their customers, where the limit is set by their imagination. According to Álvaro Ramírez, Commercial Manager of Grupo Patagual: “We want the public to experience live and direct the quality of a house built by Patagual Home and also to know our proposal for social housing and Townhouses. We can be the best strategic partner for our clients, delivering ‘turnkey’ solutions, guaranteeing a known term, in addition to a fixed, competitive price and without risk of investment increase”. COUNTRY CHALLENGE In times of a pressing housing crisis, Patagual Home has also said present and has joined the ministerial challenge that seeks to combat the current scenario. “The government has taken on the challenge of building 260,000 homes in four years, and for that, fast, efficient and quality solutions are needed. As Patagual Home we have joined this challenge, because we have the tools, the professionals and the technology necessary to deliver excellent quality housing,” says María de Los Ángeles Zegers, General Manager of the Patagual Group.

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