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ObraLink will present its innovations in construction at Edifica 2022

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Thursday 29 de September del 2022

The technology company created by Chilean entrepreneurs will be present at Edifica 2022 and will perform several demonstrations of its innovative solution for the construction industry. The technology created by ObraLink, allows automatically and in real time, the measurement of progress, planning and obtaining of concrete resistance to accelerate construction along with other relevant aspects for construction companies. ObraLink has stood out as one of the most innovative Contech startups in the construction industry by developing automation-based technology. The national company created a technological device called “CiBot”, which integrates sensors, advanced thermal imaging and BIM, with which it can automatically acquire relevant information during the execution of construction projects, freeing workers from daily and repetitive tasks, thereby increasing productivity, reducing costs and project deadlines. “We are promoting a specialized technology in the construction industry that is very differentiating because it incorporates automation and frees workers from repetitive tasks to allow them to focus on more relevant aspects of project execution. In this context, participating in the Edifica 2022 fair allows us to showcase the technology, automation and the potential that ObraLink can deliver to the industry as it is already doing in Chile and other markets where we are already present”, says Emiliano Pinto, founder and CEO of ObraLink. The contribution of technology in the midst of the crisis In different countries, actors in the construction sector say that the industry has been affected not only by the health contingency caused by the pandemic, but also by the economic, political and social context. “This complex moment is also deepened by the shortage of inputs and labor, as well as the overpricing of materials. In this sense, technology becomes a strategic ally to be able to optimize construction times and carry out projects within the established deadlines and budgets,” says Pinto. Construction is one of the productive sectors in which innovations such as the one developed by the startup are still incipient. In the case of Obralink, being technology created by specialists in the industry and easy to implement and integrate, they aim to be a technological partner of construction companies to facilitate the transformation of their analog models towards a more digital one.

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