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Ministry of Public Works will invest US$ 202 million in the National Winter Plan

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Tuesday 29 de June del 2021

The National Winter Plan 2021 of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) includes an investment of US$ 202 million, about $ 141 billion, as Mr. Cristobal Leturia Sub Secretary MOP announced, who pointed out that this is an increase of 78% over the previous year. “Climate change is hitting us hard, more frequently weather phenomena are more intense and continued, causing for example mudslides or swells, and we have to be ready, that is why year by year the Ministry of Public Works carrying out the maintenance and investment to improve the capacity of the rainwater systems, streams and rivers”, said the authority. According to Mr. Leturia, “this year, we have a water rain deficit with respect last year’s average, experts predict a little more water rains than last year and therefore, the investment will be the biggest that has ever been made, this is also an economic recovery plan product, looking for to transform the works into employment. ” The following cleaning and maintenance works are contemplated in the Metropolitan Region, cleaning of the Quebrada de Ramón, Maintenance of the primary rainwater network: Canal Santa (Maipú), Zanjón de La Aguada (Maipú and Cerrillos), Esteros Carén (Pudahuel) and Puangue (Curacaví). Conservation of the Maipo River defenses (Maipo Island), Estero Alhué and also the Fluvial Park of La Familia in the Mapocho River (Quinta Normal). Third stage of the floodable Víctor Jara’s Park (San Joaquín and Pedro Aguirre Cerda). River defenses in the Quebrada de Macul (Peñalolén). Alluvial control works in La Hondonada de la Quebrada de Macul (La Florida and Peñalolén). Reinforcement of gabions in the Mapocho River (Vitacura) and the construction of the Trinidad II Collector (La Florida).

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