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Minister Mr. Alfredo Moreno assured that Public Investment Plan 2021 is the largest that has been made in the country in recent decades

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Monday 19 de July del 2021

At the Convention of the Public Infrastructure Works Committee belong the Chilean Chamber of Construction, with the slogan “Step by Step course to reactivation”, president of the Public Infrastructure Committee Cristóbal Paúl, said “we are convinced that a main axis for this reactivation is the investment reactivation in infrastructure, and today there is a great opportunity to further strengthen the public-private partnership”. Faced with the Government challenges proposed for 2021, through the “Step by Step” plan, Chile recovers, and compromises an investment of US $ 34 billion, which entails an increase in investment in public works of more than 30% annually over the next two years. The president of the CChC Antonio Errázuriz said that “we are facing a great opportunity, at the same time it is a great challenge, we have to make things happen, we have to fulfill this great project that the government has put in our hands to be able to carry it out.” The Public Works Minister, Alfredo Moreno, said that the Public Investment Plan for this year is the largest that has been made in the country in the recent decades, which he explained, would represent at the end of this year to increase total investment by almost 50% compared to 2018. In the specific case of the MOP, the realization of 2500 different projects is contemplated, with an investment of US$14 billion, which means that this 2021 will be growing by 70% compared to what was done on average until 2019. Source: CChC

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