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EDIFICA 2019 – Lorenzini will be part of expoedifica with innovations in road safety and construction

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Monday 15 de June del 2020

Lorenzini Company with more than 60 years of business history in the national market was founded in the 50s in the municipality of Macul. This company aims to satisfy the demands and needs of the market by incorporating products with greater added value and a clear orientation to the customer. This orientation has allowed Lorenzini to be at the forefront and establish strong long-term business relationships with major suppliers around the world. This is how Lorenzini will participate in this new version of EXPOEDIFICA 2019, in two industrial activities, such as Road Safety and Construction, being in each of them a transcendental and permanent actor, recognized for his innovation, commitment and loyalty with its most of 6,000 customers. At EXPOEDIFICA, Lorenzini will exhibit garbage dumps, sweepers, deck accessories, synthetic grass, Ezydeck protections, rubber bleachers and bleachers nose, podotactile flooring, wet and nomad flooring, non-slip and floor-marking tapes, rubber tiles, thermoplastic playground games, and pallet trucks. In the field of road safety they will exhibit: Retro-reflective raised pavement markers, traffic cones, chains, reflective glass beads traffic paint, plastic barriers, cycleway channeling, speed bumps and breakers, lamps, beacons, sensors

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