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Thursday 17 de March del 2022

Since Lanco Paints began operations in 1978 the mission has been to satisfy its customers by manufacturing products with high quality standards. Based on the beliefs and objectives of its founders, we have created a wide variety of products that include architectural paints, wood finishes, adhesives and sealants of the highest performance, many of them unique in their category. This year 2022 we will inaugurate our plant in Chile, the first Eco Friendly plant, concerned about our environment and the future. In all our indoor and outdoor facilities, the lighting is LED, generating great energy savings. We have planted more than 400 native trees and more than 1000 shrub species, contributing to the environment more than 5 times the amount of trees that our land had before building. We process all of our waste, we do not dispose of any VOC’s into the environment. We have our own system of accumulation, cleaning and filtering of all the rainwater from our plant and we inject all this water to the subway water table, constantly taking care of its quality and volume. We have our own wastewater reprocessing system, once processed we use it for the risk of total loss of our trees and green areas. We have the latest technology systems, which filter, process and purify the water, so that our paints have the highest quality. These intelligent systems extract the precise amount of water we need for our operation, without any loss of this vital element. At Edifica 2022 we will present our innovative products such as our water-based roof sealants, which in addition to waterproofing and sealing roofs, manage to lower the temperature by up to 15°C in the summer, achieving significant energy savings. In winter, it works as a thermal insulator that allows us to keep the heat in our homes. Water-based rust converter paints for metals, water-based varnishes, water-based adhesives, among others, demonstrating that solvent-based products are on the way out to continue advancing in the care of our environment. Our Maxima Zero paint, which is capable of killing COVID-19 in less than 15 minutes, demonstrated with international and Chilean certificates. Our mix to be presented has many new features and characteristics different from the products we usually see in the Chilean market. We are here to stay and become the number 1 company in paints and adhesives in Chile.

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