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Jonas Ventilación in Edifica

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Monday 21 de March del 2022

Jonas Ventilación is a strategic partner of important construction and real estate companies, which have valued the work of all these years, with which it has developed ventilation projects and incorporated the full range of mixed ventilation products throughout the country, validating itself as a reliable brand. It is considered a pioneer and leader in Residential Efficient Ventilation in Chile, with a long tradition of innovation in the generation of products to create healthier and more conscious indoor environments with indoor air quality and to help protect these same spaces against the harmful effects of condensation and mold. Through the development of different ventilation, air conditioning and energy efficiency projects, it provides solutions to different market players in a transversal and integral way, thanks to its expert advisors and in addition to products of European origin with high standards of technology, quality and international certifications. The main services offered are: pre-qualification and energy qualification, condensation studies, thermal transmittance, ventilation with forced extraction on roofs, solar gains, air conditioning projects (cooling – heating), among others. Within the offer of mixed ventilation products, in the passive air intake stage, it offers passive wall ventilation systems, with several versions that meet the needs of each client, to mention a few: Jonas 3″, Jonas 3.5″, Jonas 4″, Jonas 6″ among several models, as well as passive window ventilation systems, such as: Jonas 22″, Jonas 32″, Jonas 42″, either in their horizontal or vertical versions, among others. In the air transfer stage, it presents air transmission units such as UTA 17, UTA 18, door louvers, among others. And for the forced exhaust stage, it has various products such as bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans such as Reton, Intellivent, PAX, Revive, and intelligent exhaust fans with App. It also presents a wide variety of accessories and other products such as air purifiers, air conditioners, CO2 sensors, and the launch of the first heat recovery unit designed in Chile for social housing, among others, such as the line of commercial and industrial ventilation products for larger projects. More information at https://www.jonas.cl/

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