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EDIFICA 2019 – Ika hogar will show its hvac area at expoedifica: wide range of innovative air conditioning equipment

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Monday 15 de June del 2020

Ika Hogar was born from the partnership with IKA, which is a Chinese-Korean joint venture located in the Jinqiao economic development zone of Pudong Shanghai in the Chinese nation of East Asia, due to its international coverage in different countries of Latin America reaches the Chilean market 10 years ago with household electrical products. At Ika Hogar, they say that when evaluating new technologies for “our equipment, global technological certifications have been obtained such as: European CE and CB certifications, Mexican NOM certification and ISO9001 also have exemption for export products to Europe.” Ika Hogar is located in Santiago, being involved in the HVAC area, standing out in the sale of air conditioning equipment in its different capacities and models. They also highlight that “our company has a total dedication to its customers, thus providing all the help in the process of consultation, purchase and after-sales service, as well as coordinating the delivery of the products according to their requirements, guaranteeing their deliveries in time and place.” They clarify that their participation in the area of HVAC is due to the fact that apart from being a sustainable business, air conditioning has gone from being a luxury to being a necessity, having a concept of quality of life, energy efficiency and sustainability have given this industry a great importance in terms of air conditioning of homes, offices, private, health and commercial sectors. “We are interested in being part of EXPOEDIFICA because we believe that we can introduce our brand and products, meet new projects of the exhibitors and be able to relate more in different areas of the Chilean market.”

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