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ibuilder, presents its control platform for construction projects

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Tuesday 13 de September del 2022

ibuilder is an innovative control platform for construction projects. Where you can check the status of the works in real time and get a complete view of them. An efficient software was created to deliver reliable, orderly, standardized and online information through automated reports. These can be viewed whenever required and from all mobile devices thanks to the App Management. One of the great challenges faced by the construction industry is to meet the deadline and budget set at the beginning. This problem arises because there is no real control of the works. ibuilder helps to meet the objectives, because it delivers relevant information, in real time, through the web platform. At ibuilder they know that managing approximately 300 workers simultaneously and performing various tasks for an average of 18 months is not easy. Labor is one of the factors causing deviations, if not properly controlled. For this reason Builder Worker was created to make the process of managing workers efficient and increase their productivity. The significant difference that can be achieved with ibuilder, will be to manage the works with a platform created by builders, where they speak the language of construction and know which are the most important processes in which they should pay more attention. You can get all the information, from one place and whenever you need it. Ibuilder adapts to the needs of its customers. For more information, please visit: https://ibuilder.io

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