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iBIM, Autodesk training and certification center will arrive at Edifica 2022

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Tuesday 26 de April del 2022

iBIM – ATC Autodesk, has been dedicated to the correct implementation of BIM methodologies and technologies in the AEC industry, through training. Its main line of business is BIM training, as an Autodesk Authorized Training and Certification Center, which has allowed them to position themselves as the most important official Autodesk trainer in Chile. Training aimed at professionals, technicians, companies and institutions, both public and private, belonging to the AEC industry. They have a team of certified teachers Autodesk Silver category, which has allowed the development of courses and diploma courses in both classroom and 100% Online mode, adjusted to the current needs of the industry. All based on the dialogue between policy, processes and technology, specifically, instruction with emphasis on interoperability, the connection between everyday applications of internal processes at the professional level, collaborative workflows and openBIM. They are considered the first and only buildingSMART certifying center in Chile, giving alignments in BIM training through open standards. They are also part of the validation commissions for the national BIM standard for public projects. In parallel, they develop multidisciplinary projects under the BIM methodology, coordination between specialties, model auditing, project planning, among other services, related to the different BIM uses. “We are convinced that the BIM methodology is the answer for the continuous improvement of processes and to catapult the industry to a level of excellence and quality, with a sustainable view of the construction processes”, said iBIM. They also invited to live a learning experience with professionals who are passionate about technology and dedicated to the search for practical solutions for the industry.

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