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October 2022 - Santiago, Chile

How to get there

Private Transport Access routes to EXPO EDIFICA • From “La Píramide” • From San Cristobal Tunnel • From Vespucio Norte • From Panamericana Norte From Recoleta Parking cost: $ 5,000 per day Airport 1. From Santiago´s International Airport you can rent a car from an official operator at http://www.nuevopudahuel.cl/ 2. Book with the Official Airport Taxi Service 3. Use the Airport Public Transport. For more information go to www.centropuerto.cl + www.turbus.cl 4. Cabify: Taxi Service Agreement. With the use of code” EDIFICA ” for the first use of the app, you will have Access to two free trips of up to $ 3,500 each. For traveling to and from the tradeshow, you will have a discount on the trip. Public Transport Combine with the Vespucio Norte L2 Metro Station: • EXPO EDIFICA Bus at the Intermodal Bus station • Bus Route 117 from the Vespucio Norte Metro Intermodal Station; getting off at Ciudad Empresarial and walking through Santa Clara straight to the Exhibition. Combine with L1 Metro Station- Escuela Militar: • Take route N ° 425, get off at Palacio Riesco and walk along El Salto Ave. until getting to Exhibition. Metro transit lines layout.

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