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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Hormigones UNICON will be present at Edifica 2022

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Thursday 9 de June del 2022

UNICON, a concrete company with extensive international experience and with presence in Chile since 2018, has 10 concrete production branches between La Serena and Chillán. It has become a relevant player in the market, worrying about delivering the best service and products under national and international quality standards. They have a fleet of more than 240 mixer trucks and are constantly innovating to provide a better experience. They are also firmly committed to the safety of their clients and collaborators, which is why they are part of the CChC’s sanitary protocol, and have been participating in a large-scale safety program with DuPont since 2021. UNACEM CHILE: The UNACEM Group, a company of more than 100 years contributing to the sustainable growth and development of the cement and concrete industry in the United States and Latin America, is recognized for its technological innovation and professional experience. UNACEM in Chile has a group of highly trained professionals, laboratories specialized in concrete, supplies, petrography and petrography where studies on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of concrete quality studies are carried out according to Chilean standards. Likewise, the company has the equipment and professionals to carry out mechanical resistance tests on its cements. “Our purpose as GRUPO UNACEM is to promote operational excellence and continue contributing to the growth of the country in a more sustainable way. All the new products, brand launching and professional equipment will be present at Expo Edifica”, highlighted from the institution. www.unacem.cl

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