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FASTWORK: The panel that revolutionizes the way we build

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Thursday 16 de June del 2022

It is widely used as envelope, partition, slabs and stairs. It resists weights of more than 50 kilos in a single point. FastWork is a modular system of lightweight concrete panels with polystyrene beads coated on both sides with fiber cement. This achieves the thermal standards without the need for cladding. The construction process is fast and easy to install, dry, it is not necessary to hire specialized personnel or cranes for the installations. We provide technical advice and we are in the field to support our clients, assist in its correct installation and certify that it has been well executed. This product has several advantages in a single product such as waterproofing (it would be the solution for green walls), it does not generate debris, the pieces can be reused and requires zero maintenance. Its presentation is 2.44 mt high by 0.61 wide and the thickness is 9 cm. It has an F-120, it complies with the acoustic and thermal norm in most of Chile and we also have thicknesses of 60mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm and 200mm, depending on the thermal zone you want to reach, complying with all the certifications required by the DITEC. Fastwork has been used in warehouses and institutions such as Santo Tomas University, Cepech, among others, totaling thousands of square meters. Currently it has had very good results in housing solutions. This thermal material maintains on the surface a higher temperature than the one necessary for the condensation of the environmental humidity, thus avoiding the humidification of walls and ceilings, eliminating the danger of the formation of molds that cause pathogens that deteriorate the health of its inhabitants, nor salts that appear. The FastWork panel replaces the old brick walls that were used to fill reinforced concrete or steel structures but were very slow. It is a solid wall, resistant to impact and weights of more than 50kg can be hung at any point. The value of the properties increases a lot because it is a compact wall, the user seeks to buy with solid walls that have less maintenance, less deterioration. In short, the client wants to buy a property that will last more than 20 years.

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