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Fanaloza present at Edifica 2022

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Wednesday 3 de August del 2022

A company with more than 120 years dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of products to equip, remodel and transform the homes of Chileans will be present at Edifica 2022. Faaloza’s mission is to design, create and supply a wide variety of products for the bathroom, kitchen and home that stand out for their design and functionality, respect the environment and are accessible to all budgets. With a production plant in the Bío Bío region, Fanaloza’s permanent focus is to develop and innovate solutions for the market with the primary objective of saving water. Currently, the company has two main brands: Fanaloza, recognized for its tradition, reliability and quality; and Briggs, which stands out for its technology, innovation and exclusive designs. “It is a pleasure for Fanaloza to participate in Edifica 2022 with our two brands because we can be present at this meeting between customers and suppliers, where new developments and product lines will be presented directly to decision makers in the construction area projects,” said the institution.

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