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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

F/ART presents its products focused on lighting at Edifica 2022

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Thursday 8 de September del 2022

F/ART is an Italian company specialized in the manufacture of components and devices for different sectors. On the one hand, they focus on lighting and advertising signs, where they manufacture neon light transformers, LED power supplies, dimmers, control units for lighting effects and surge protectors. On the other hand, sanitation, producing components, customized projects, systems and machines for air and surface treatment.


What differentiates and distinguishes the company is a patented vacuum resin process that is applied to all types of ballasts. In addition, due to the longevity of the products, combined with high efficiency, it reduces waste and residues in the environment.


Thanks to the high quality of the products, many internationally renowned artists, designers and architects have collaborated with F/ART on their luminous works.

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