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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

EXPO EDIFICA 2022: Gasco drives the use of clean energy with technological innovations in the construction and real estate industry for efficient and safe heating

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Wednesday 16 de March del 2022

In its continuous effort to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of Chileans and the care of the environment, GASCO has promoted several innovative initiatives, such as -Invierno On-, based on its vast experience, through which it promotes the effectiveness and sustainability of liquefied gas, providing a continuous and efficient supply to meet the heating needs in different modalities for both the real estate and residential sectors. Throughout its history, GASCO has developed various services, products and solutions related to the construction and real estate sector, which directly benefit millions of Chileans. In a global context that has led to greater awareness and commitment to the generation, development and use of renewable energy to replace polluting fuels, GASCO has promoted in recent years a Strategic Plan that integrates various actions throughout the country to deliver efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions based on excellence and commitment to the communities and their environment. In this new 2022 version of EXPO EDIFICA, GASCO will seek to promote the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of productivity in the execution and operation of large investment projects through the energy solutions that the company offers for the real estate and residential sectors. In the real estate sector, GASCO performs an integral work, where the main thing is the technical support, from the feasibility study, under the current regulations, coordinating with architects and design areas, the optimization of the project, looking for the best installation options, according to the regulations, with a low investment, reducing the total cost of the projects, in addition to the professionalism of the team in the field, and the “Turnkey Project” modality that considers; installation, certification and obtaining the green seal. Regarding the residential sector, for new houses, in many cases the client is the construction company or the architect of the house; in other cases it is directly the owner. For the architect or builder, one of the main benefits is the price of the installation, installation support, certification of the entire network, and the speed of the GASCO team on site. For homeowners, the benefits are multiple, apart from a certified network and the price of installation, the value of LPG and heating plans such as GASCO’s initiative -Invierno On-, a promotion for individual heating consumption during the winter months, through which residential or metered customers, without the need to buy bags or prepay, can access benefits of up to 45% discount depending on the consumption bracket, both for meters and in bulk. Another important improvement that has been implemented for the residential sector is the incorporation of a digital meter, which allows customers to no longer have to worry about ordering gas, since it will be the company that will be responsible for recharging the supply when it is running low thanks to the system that allows online and remote review of consumption readings. In addition, payment will be monthly through a bill, which will only charge for the amount consumed during the month. With these various initiatives, GASCO has positioned itself as a promoter of services, products and solutions in the construction and real estate industry, which directly benefit the various communities. The company, which began its operations in 1856 installing gas street lighting in the streets of Santiago, has adapted over time to the changes and needs. Today it is the leading company in energy transformation, contributing to the development and positioning of our country.

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