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Enel X stands out for completing three large projects for the benefit of people

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Wednesday 21 de September del 2022

Los Arrayanes, Valle Grande’s largest electrical infrastructure project In conjunction with the company Puelo Gestión Inmobiliaria and Constructora DLP, we implemented an electrical infrastructure and LED street lighting system for Condominio Los Arrayanes, the largest urbanization project in Valle Grande, consisting of a lot of 290 houses. For this project, Enel X carried out the construction and installation of electrical works in Low Voltage Networks fed through a transformer of 500 KVA of installed power, along with the installation of 130 LED luminaires that are part of the public lighting of the condominium, which are aligned to the Municipal regulation and infrastructure of weak currents of the new law of ducts of SUBTEL. This is a project that will bring great advantages to the condominium, in terms of low probability of short circuits, continuity and 100% functionality of the service together with a lower risk of fire, which will increase safety within the facilities and improve the well-being of the residents. In addition, the implementation of LED lighting will reduce energy costs by 50% to 90% compared to the cost of traditional luminaires. If you are interested in this project, you can see more information at: https://www.enelx.com/cl/es/historias/2022/08/Proyecto-de-Infraestructura-el%C3%A9ctrica-en-condominio-los-arrayanes Luis Valenzuela Building: A Sustainable and Intelligent Project Enel X together with the real estate company CIDEPA developed a 100% electric building with unique characteristics in Chile, in which a series of ultra-efficient solutions were implemented, such as aerothermal heat pumps, an on-grid photovoltaic plant, electric air conditioning and a solar thermal system for water preheating. The implementation and integration of all these technologies allows the building’s community to generate an average of 50% energy savings, completely replacing local combustion and eliminating the emission of polluting gases thanks to the use of clean energy from solar panels and heat pumps, which capture 75% of the energy from the air to transform it into electrical energy. In addition to this, the Luis Valenzuela building has electric vehicle chargers to meet the community’s need in terms of electromobility and sustainability. To learn more about this project, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ik7tr1aG4 Enel X and Eurocorp boost Multifamily building concept in Chile To boost the Multifamily business, Enel X and Eurocorp joined forces to implement multiple efficiencies in the thermal power plant for domestic hot water generation. The project consisted of an improvement to the current gas system of one of the buildings that helps to reduce the operational cost per cubic meter of hot water through the implementation of a thermal power plant with ultra-efficient technology and a general control system that has allowed an average savings of 30% and at the same time a reduction of up to 70 tons of CO2 per year, contributing not only to improve its energy efficiency but also contributing to the care of the environment. This project was developed under a 4-year leasing contract that includes the implementation of the new thermal power plant, maintenance, a real-time monitoring system and all associated expenses for the total number of years of the contract. Learn more about this project at: https://www.enelx.com/cl/es/historias/Enel-X-y-Eurocorp-potencian-concepto-Multifamily-en-Chile

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