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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Efficient Windows: Tecnocom Perfiles Chile adds innovation and presents new products at the most relevant International Exhibition of the sector.

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Monday 1 de August del 2022

Tecnocom Perfiles Chile, with more than 5 years of presence in the Chilean market in the commercialization of PVC profiles, presents innovative developments in efficient windows in a new edition of EDIFICA, the most important international fair of construction in Chile, which will be held from October 3 to 6 at Parque FISA in Santiago de Chile. Tecnocom Perfiles Chile commercializes medium and high performance PVC profiles designed and manufactured by TECNOPERFILES SA, developed with the highest technology and quality with exclusive formulations and raw materials from leading international suppliers in its industry, Austrian die-stamping of the latest generation and German extruders with the latest technology, complying in each link of the production chain with the strictest quality controls, seeking to minimize the environmental impact in pursuit of a more efficient and sustainable construction. EDIFICA officiates in each edition, as the ideal framework to present the most emblematic and most commercialized opening systems by the company, as well as to launch the latest innovations in PVC profiles, auxiliary and complementary products that make up the brand’s portfolio. On this occasion, within the sliding lines, the Jumbo will be presented; an innovative and sophisticated opening system that can couple up to six mobile leaves, with single or double laminated glass and thermopanels up to 34 mm thick, leaves up to 280kg, with the additional possibility of including PVC mosquito nets. This line can reach three meters in height, making it the tallest window in the PVC window frames market in CHILE. The Tecnocom Perfiles Chile stand will also feature the Advance and Prime sliding lines, as well as the Ecolife and Efficient double contact lines, with innovations that improve their performance and expand the range of solutions for the industry. One of the most important launches of the year will also be presented, the new Evolution line, a system with aesthetic and modern lines in line with its dimensions, with high performance that responds to the needs of architects and users who require increasingly resistant, efficient and safe windows. The Evolution achieves the exceptional performance of a sliding system combined with that of a double contact opening system. The highly hermetic perimeter locking mechanism protects against rain and wind pressure, with maximum thermal and acoustic insulation. The locking inhibits even intrusion attempts in accordance with resistance class RC 2 and reduces energy consumption. It is now considered a hurricane window. Large sash dimensions of up to 3m2 wide and up to 3.60m2 high with a sash weight of up to 400kg. It allows configurations of one or two active sashes, with the possibility of double or triple glazing up to 42mm of glazing. The EVOLUTION window is ideal for large spans, where the aim is to integrate the interior/exterior, with the use of natural light. The company will also present another star product: the PVC TecnoTubulars, with the unbeatable advantages of the material, developed for spaces that need air renewal, solar control or simply to provide design in homes, buildings, shopping malls, hotels, etc. Among its uses and functions, they stand out as sunshades, sunbreaks, pergolas, ceilings, facades, gates, fences and/or railings. They can be chosen in the wide range of colors and textures offered by TECNOCOM PERFILES CHILE. For more information about the company visit http://www.tecnocomperfiles.cl/

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