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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Edifica Webinar Emphasizes Building Environment in 2022

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Monday 30 de May del 2022

The presentation was the prelude to what will be the new version of the Edifica 2022 exhibition, which for the first time will feature the Plataforma Arquitectura By Archdaily Pavilion. “Green construction: the future of materials” was the title of the webinar that was held through the Edifica Connect platform. The webinar was held in the run-up to EDIFICA, the most important biennial international construction exhibition in Latin America, which will be held between October 3 and 6, 2022 at the new Parque Fisa fairgrounds. The webinar was led by Nicolás Pérez, Mass Timber Development Manager, CMPC; Katherine Martínez, Assistant Manager of Development, Corporación de Desarrollo Tecnológico (CDT); and Pola Mora, Head of Communication and Experience, ArchDaily. In the webinar, wood was presented as the building material of the future, as it is sustainable, has a higher energy efficiency index than brick and concrete, and is a component that presents opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint. They also indicated that it contributes to the differentiation of supply in construction throughout the country, providing added value in the building and construction of houses. In the presentation, Nicolás Pérez, Mass Timber Development Manager, CMPC, indicated the importance of green construction, which refers to environmentally responsible structures or construction processes that use resources efficiently throughout the life of a building. “Today we must look at construction from a sustainable point of view, seeking to avoid environmental impacts and, in some cases, to get rid of all pollution,” he said. For her part, Katherine Martínez, assistant manager of Development, Corporación de Desarrollo Tecnológico (CDT) emphasized that “today there is an environmental concern of the clients for the products they buy, for the food they consume, and it is not very far from the field of housing, which influences the sustainability and aesthetics that it contributes. The main challenge is to look at the system and see how materials are part of a larger system that will remain in our cities for many years to come. Regarding the challenges facing the industry, Martínez added that “today we must be attentive to energy efficiency, thermal quality and interior conditioning, which must go hand in hand with the attributes of sustainability”. In addition, within green building, they reported the importance of promoting bioclimatic architecture, which contributes to the optimization of energy use possible by adapting buildings to the climatic conditions of their environment. Finally, they made an invitation to be part of Edifica and to work together to take advantage of the great opportunity offered by the meeting, contributing to the exchange of experiences and ideas among all the actors in the field. Press contact: Cristián Larraín: +569 5208 7993

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