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Edifica online seminar: Highlights the benefits of energy efficiency in construction

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Wednesday 25 de November del 2020

“Challenges of energy efficiency in construction” was the title of the online seminar organized by Edifica, the most important construction fair in Latin America. The presentation was led by Ignacio Santelices, executive director of the Energy Sustainability Agency, and featured a panel conversation in which participated: Carlos Bascou, president of the Council for Productivity, Innovation and Sustainable Construction of the Chilean Chamber of Construction; Claudio Candia, Head of Business to Business at Enel X; Brice Clemente, Head Business Development – Social Infrastructure- ENGIE Latam; and Francisco Sotomayor, Executive Director of Expo Edifica 2021. In his presentation, the executive director of the Energy Sustainability Agency, Ignacio Santelices highlighted that “energy efficiency is a continuous process, a medium-term investment and in the long term it brings important benefits, as shown by the case of Japan in more than 40 years of continuous improvement ”. Santelices also said that “energy efficiency in construction is important because it is a profitable activity that generates employment and is expected to face all the challenges that lie ahead, such as the economy and climate change that affects all countries.” On the instance, the executive director of the Energy Sustainability Agency stated that Sustainability is a good business because “although it turns out to be more expensive, the investment is recovered in the first third of the useful life of the technology and the next two thirds of technological life is savings. These energy technologies are developed in efficient lighting; High efficiency heat pumps, motors, compressors and pumps; high efficiency boilers for DHW production, variable frequency drives, efficient ventilation, photovoltaic energy, solar thermal energy, thermal reconditioning”. Finally, Santelices said that “when we buy very cheap technology, we buy inefficient technology that implies a higher operating cost and that in the long run end up generating higher costs, we must make a cultural change in companies and homes and bet with an efficiency from the start of the projects ”. Analysis panel Within the framework of the panel, Carlos Bascou, president of the Council for Productivity, Innovation and Sustainable Construction of the CChC said that it is understood that sustainability is the due balance of economics, environmental care and development in the quality of life of people, that is why from the Chilean Chamber of Construction, “the commitment is to improve the quality of life of people committed to the sustainable development of the industry.” Claudio Candia of Enel X emphasized that “it is essential to be able to have public policies in the field of energy efficiency, which are essential to accelerate this transition towards the incorporation of these new technologies from the regulatory and incentive point of view.” And he added that “Enel X has worked with 7 hospitals and different schools in air conditioning systems and voltaic systems. Implementing energy solutions in public and private buildings encourages the development of new competitors, new suppliers and by developing the brand with local energy efficiency”. Under the eye that cities represent 3% of the surface in the world and are responsible for 60% and 80% of emissions, Brice Clemente of Engie Latam, pointed out that “we live in a paradox where one tries to build the cheapest and we don’t see the long-term cost. The private sector cannot do it alone, it needs public policies with the support of the public sector. At ENGIE we have been promoting energy efficiency with industrialists, with cities and communities and with private actors to promote these long-term benefits”.

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