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Edifica launching puts emphasis in construction reactivation in 2021

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Monday 7 de September del 2020

Chile’s economic revival with a view to 2021 was the title of the online seminar in which the launch of EDIFICA was held, the great biennial event and most important construction exhibition in Hispanic America to be held between October 13 and 16, next year. The twenty-second version of EDIFICA, is a meeting organized by the Construction Chilean Chamber (CChC) and co-organized by FISA of the GL events group, which brings together several supplier companies from around the world, technical and professionals visitors from architecture, engineering and construction, and representatives of the public and private sectors, to generate alliances and contact networks between those who participate. The activity was headed by the Minister of Housing and Urbanism, Felipe Ward; Construction Chilean Chamber’s (CChC)President, Patricio Donoso; CChC’s Studies Manager, Javier Hurtado; Edifica’s Organizing Committee President, Max Correa; and Edifica’s Executive Director, Francisco Sotomayor. In the context of the launch, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Felipe Ward, announced that in the 2021 fiscal budget, the government is preparing a plan for economic reactivation and recovery in which the construction sector will play an important role. “From the ministry together with the undersecretary and all the divisions we are about to finish under the guidelines given to us by the President, the most ambitious economic reactivation and recovery plan that the Minvu has had in its history. This will require an inter-ministerial effort and we are convinced that the public-private alliance is absolutely necessary for us to continue working hand in hand. The Secretary of State added that “in the Minvu we are convinced that we will be the heart of the reactivation, our capacity to generate employment, our capacity to generate new works and to maintain projects and programs of the ministry and the new notices that we are going to announce in the matter of Budget 2021 give us a piece of mind and a responsibility in the sense that from the Minvu this recovery is going to begin depending on what we do hand in hand with the industry and the unions in the construction sector”. CChC’s Employment and reactivation plan On the occasion, the CChC’s Studies manager, Javier Hurtado, presented the Employment and Reactivation Plan with which the guild announced a series of proposals with the aim of creating 600,000 jobs within three years, satisfying social demands related to housing access, urban equipment and basic infrastructure and accelerating the solution to urgent challenges that the country is facing such as the water crisis. All this through to investment impulse and close collaboration between the public and private sectors. The CChC’s President, Patricio Donoso, emphasized the relevance of the guild proposed Plan and the opportunity that EDIFICA 2021 presents in this context, because “it is a meeting that becomes an impulse that will allow us to deepen with concrete actions the Proposal of Economic Reactivation and Employment Generation that we present as a guild, which aims to create 600 thousand jobs and that will help us to face the most urgent challenges for the next three years. He added that the CChC has focused its efforts on addressing the contingencies arising from the health crisis, which is the most important thing, and now it is time to move forward with the aim of developing and implementing projects, but also that new opportunities for growth arise, for which Edifica becomes a key platform. Edifica Launching For his part, Edifica’s 2021 Exhibition Organizing Committee President, Max Correa, made an invitation to be part of the most important exhibition in Hispanic America and to work together to take advantage of the great opportunity offered by this meeting and contribute to the exchange of experiences and ideas among all actors. EDIFICA’s Executive Director, Francisco Sotomayor, said that the exhibition during the next year will be “in the line we have to reactivate the construction sector, that is why we have chosen the slogan: Rebuilding is everyone’s work in the face of the challenges that this pandemic has posed”. He also highlighted that the 2021 version “will be deployed in 75 thousand square meters, with more than 700 exhibiting companies representing about 5000 brands and expects to receive more than 35 thousand professional visits. In its 2019 version, the fair managed to hold an Architecture, Engineering and Construction business roundtable where ProChile led the organization and worked in a very close and coordinated way with the Association of Architects’ Offices (AOA) and the Association of Engineering Consulting Companies (AIC),activity that allowed 62 national companies to meet with 30 international importers, making more than 290 appointments that left projected business for US$ 11.8 million.

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