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General Secretary of ANAC for the Vehicle and Truck Show:

“Edifica is the opportunity to present innovations in the face of electromobility”

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Tuesday 5 de July del 2022

The Chilean Chamber of Construction (CChC), together with FISA, of the GL events Chile Group, held a breakfast to present the Car and Truck Show, with the participation of the National Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC) and its associated institutions, where the details of the new 2022 version of the most important construction fair in Latin America, Edifica 2022, were shared. At the event, the alliance with ANAC was presented, which will benefit its strategic partners in the participation of the Vehicle and Truck Show, where they will be able to highlight their innovations in technology and electromobility, among others, which will strengthen their presence in the country and abroad. The event was attended by the Secretary General of ANAC, Diego Mendoza Benavente; the Operations Manager of ANAC, Daniel Nunes; the President of the Organizing Committee of Edifica, Max Correa; the Corporate Affairs Manager of GL events Chile, Rodrigo Lobo; and the Deputy Manager of Edifica, María de los Ángeles Troncoso, in addition to various representatives of automotive brands. Max Correa, president of Edifica, commented that “in this productive meeting with ANAC members, they were invited to participate in Edifica 2022. In previous years, the participating brands presented excellent results, and today the fair is the right place to show the new trends in vans, cars, trucks, buses, among others. In this way, they will be able to present and find everything related to the promotion of electromobility, which we know is one of the main topics in the world of construction. CAR AND TRUCK SHOW The National Automotive Association of Chile, founded in 1993, is a trade association that brings together representatives of automotive brands and importers of cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses in the country. At the event, Diego Mendoza, ANAC’s Secretary General, informed that “we share with partner brands, importers of all types of vehicles: cars, buses, trucks and pick-up trucks. Fairs such as Edifica, which bring together the entire real estate construction sector, hospitals, airports, which require a lot of machinery, are a great attraction for us, as they allow us to show the evolution of products that have changed a lot after the pandemic. The use of vehicles as a work tool is a reality, and being part of the construction industry, everything related to logistic transportation is another step towards reactivation”. He also emphasized that “Edifica is the opportunity to present innovations in products for electromobility, which will be declared goals in Chile for the sale of all types of electric vehicles. In our country, electric vans and pick-up trucks are already arriving, and it would be ideal to show them at the fair so that people can get to know them and know how they can update their fleets and work with these new products”. Mendoza also pointed out that “Edifica gives a distinctive seal, so there are great expectations for the participation of this construction business platform, both for the relevance and size of the fair, as well as for its regional and international impact. After twenty-two versions, being part of this exhibition and showing its products to a great variety of companies from different parts of the world and the country is a unique opportunity for this industry”. Finally, the Secretary General of ANAC indicated that “what we want to show as a guild and with our partner brands is that we are prepared for the challenge of electromobility, with products compatible with the projects being developed in the country. By October we will be closing one of the best years ever, because by that date we will have record sales of all types of electric vehicles. By the end of this year, we will have a much more accurate view of how the future looks with the arrival of electromobility in Chile”.

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