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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

Seda Irtes, General Manager of Exhibit Network Trade (ENT):

“Edifica is the best platform to strengthen trade relations between Turkey and Chile in the construction industry”

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Monday 1 de August del 2022

This year, the new version of Edifica will feature the Turkish Pavilion, a business space aimed at strengthening the growing construction industry in Turkey, which will present a broad portfolio of exhibitors and their projects. In this regard, Seda Irtes, General Manager of Exhibit Network Trade (ENT), explained what the pavilion will consist of, what the most relevant aspects of its participation will be and what the main objective of continuing to participate in the most important construction fair in Latin America is. 1. How many companies will be present at the Turkish Pavilion? Within the framework of this meeting, what will stand out in the construction sector? We currently have 18 companies in the Turkish Pavilion. This year we expect to have around 25 exhibitors. We have companies from various sectors such as doors and windows, plants and products related to concrete and other construction materials. We plan to present a diversity of products in the Turkish pavilion; however, this year we will highlight products from the concrete sector. 2. What is the country’s projection for the coming years? Turkey, seeking to continue its growth in the construction area, plans to expand to the United States and South America in the near future, presenting new and better alternatives for the construction world. 3. What is the progress of Turkey’s construction in the sustainable world? Turkey has started to build sustainable and environmentally friendly apartments since a few years ago, and has been working for a couple of years on urban transformation to renovate buildings to go green. 4. What are your expectations for your participation in this large construction business platform? We hope to enhance trade relations between Turkey and Chile. We believe that Edifica is the best platform to strengthen this in the construction industry and expand our line of business. 5. How can the Turkish construction industry contribute to the Chilean industry? Turkey has very good quality products with competitive prices. Chilean contractors and end users will be able to access high quality products with lower cost, considering the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and Turkey that was signed in the very near past.

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