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Edifica is advancing at full speed and emphasizes the reactivation of the sector in Chile by 2021

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Wednesday 25 de November del 2020

Edifica is underway with all its preparations for the holding of the largest Construction fair in Latin America, the great biennial event that will take place between October 13 and 16 of next year. The twenty-second version of EDIFICA is a meeting organized by the Chilean Chamber of Construction (CChC) and co-organized by FISA of the GL events group, and brings together more than 700 exhibiting companies from around the world, representing more than 5 1,000 brands and receives 35,000 technical and professional visitors from architecture, engineering and construction, and representatives of the public and private sectors, to generate alliances and contact networks between those who participate. The exhibition will be spread over 75 thousand square meters and is a privileged space for commercial exchange, the introduction of new technologies and the improvement of productivity in the execution and operation of large investment projects. Technological solutions for construction, products and materials for architects, equipment and innovation are also offered there, and in its 2021 version it will also have sectors: open areas, BIM, trucks, Expo machinery. Those who participate in the fair will also find an excellent opportunity to grow their network of contacts efficiently, generating new contacts and promoting their business not only with clients from Chile but also from other countries interested in products, services and technological solutions that are exhibited in Edifica. Reactivation The 2021 edition of Edifica aims to be a contribution to the economic reactivation of Chile considering that the construction sector will have an important role in terms of recovery for the country. From the Chilean Chamber of Construction, its Manager of Studies, Javier Hurtado, said that “the sector aims to create 600,000 jobs in a period of three years, satisfy social demands related to access to housing, urban equipment and basic infrastructure and accelerate the solution to urgent challenges facing the country such as the water crisis. All this through a boost to investment and a close collaborative work between the public and private sectors ”. The president of the EDIFICA 2021 Fair Organizing Committee, Max Correa, said that Edifica is a key platform and called “to work together to take advantage of the great opportunity offered by this meeting place and to contribute to the exchange of experiences and ideas among all the actors.” The executive director of EDIFICA, Francisco Sotomayor, said that the exhibition during the next year will take place “we have to reactivate the construction sector, which is why we have chosen as a slogan: Rebuilding is the work of all with a view to the challenges that this pandemic has placed for us ”. In its 2019 version, the fair managed to hold an Architecture, Engineering and Construction business conference led by ProChile togheter with the Association of Architect Offices (AOA) and the Association of Engineering Consulting Companies AIC, an activity that allowed 62 companies nationals meet with 30 international importers, completing more than 290 appointments that left projected deals of US $ 11.8 million.

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