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Edifica 2022: Gasco promotes the use of clean gas energy for efficient and safe heating in the residential world

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Thursday 9 de September del 2021

The energy solutions company highlights the advantages offered by liquefied gas when heating the home and invites customers to implement the new digital meter. Gasco, with more than 165 years of history and work developing innovative, efficient and sustainable energy solutions, is implementing a series of initiatives that promote the reduction of polluting emissions in the residential world, with energy solutions for the generation of energy based on liquefied gas, for heating, hot water and food preparation. The company has also promoted an important technical and control improvement for its customers of the bulk line: Digital Meter, which arrives aimed at residential tank customers. The benefits for consumers of this innovation point to a modernization in the use and payment of gas. One of the improvements is that customers will no longer have to worry about ordering the gas, but it will be the company that will recharge when the supply is running out, since the system allows to review online and remotely the consumption readings. In addition, the payment will be monthly through a ballot, which will only charge what is consumed in the month. All this, and also given the health contingency that the country is experiencing, the Digital Meter facilitates the lives of customers to have a continuous consumption and easy measurement. To date, this system has already been implemented with positive results in some areas of the regions of Valparaíso, O’Higgins and Metropolitana, so the immediate steps to follow will be the regions of Maule, Biobío and Ñuble, and thus then be able to extend the service to the rest of the communes and residential customers of the country that are interested in the system. Gasco, aware of the current scenario of energy transition and its role as a main actor in its development, will continue to innovate to expand its portfolio of energy solutions that can be adapted in the best way to the requirements and needs of its customers.

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