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Thursday 17 de March del 2022

DVP, is a national company that is present in various items of a construction, from exterior coatings to finishing products. During its more than 50 years of existence, the Company has bet on innovation to contribute to a more sustai-nable and efficient construction, not only in the construction process, but also in the use that the work will have over time. A good example of this spirit is the development of systems for the manufacture of PVC doors and windows, which in addition to improving the habitability and thermal efficiency of the spaces where they are installed, stand out for being manufactured under a closed-cycle process, in which all waste is 100% recycled and then transformed into other products. “At Edifica 2022, we would especially like to highlight our Boston line, which offers new architectural possibili-ties by allowing high windows that capture the beauty and luminosity of the exterior, while maintaining all the thermal and acoustic insulation properties necessary for contemporary architecture,” says Roberto Mella, DVP’s Windows Area Manager. The challenge of sustainable construction has also been incorporated into the coatings line through the Ecosi-ding system, manufactured with 60% recycled PVC through a circular economy process in which the material is removed directly from the construction site. In the area of polycarbonates, DVP will present its different lines focused on offering architects and builders the most diverse alternatives to achieve efficient projects with ample aesthetic possibilities. “We will show a new line of polishade colors that allows greater control over light and temperature. In addition, the architectural coa-tings Danpal and Topgal, which allow the construction of high, moving and highly versatile facades. The idea is to expand the creative possibilities for architects and designers,” says Claudia Goles, DVP’s Polycarbonate Area Manager. In terms of finishes, DVP will be presenting three new lines of PVC façade trims, which aim to enhance architec-tural style, light and ventilation. This will be complemented with foiled honeycomb panels for interior and exte-rior cladding, providing thermal-acoustic insulation, functionality and aesthetics to various housing or institutio-nal projects. Moving towards the interior of the work, DVP will present a new line of glued edgebanding with which it aims to consolidate its leadership in the domestic manufacture of this type of product. For the manufacture of furniture, the exhibition will include a complete line of hardware from Austrian brand Grass, consisting of hinges and hidden guides that aim at an optimal experience of use for a better sliding and closing without shocks. In addition to the above, there is a line of accessories and complements for furniture from Italy, from the SIGE brand, which includes spice racks, rotundas and greengrocers, among others, allo-wing to take advantage of the interior spaces of the furniture, providing aesthetics and functionality. DVP will be present with a sales team specialized in technical advice for its different product lines.

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