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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

During Construction week, the national context was analyzed

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Monday 15 de June del 2020

An exhaustive analysis of the current context in Chile and society was carried out during Construction Week in the special cycle of Country Building Meetings, organized by the Chilean Chamber of Construction. Where, important personalities and national and international thinkers met through the multi-platform of Pauta and analyzed from different angles the current picture of our country and society. The first meeting called: “The role of the private sector to overcome the crisis”, feature the participation of the president of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), Juan Sutil, who highlighted the solidarity of companies in the current context , the role of banks in the delivery of Covid credits, the role of the State in health and made a definition of the political class. The second day was the Meeting of: Entrepreneurship and Disruption, where the main guest was Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze and Moovit, who in a conversation with Ignacio Troncoso, president of the CChC International Affairs Commission and Eduardo Minder, Chairman of the CChC City and Territory Commission, referred to the changes that the post-pandemic city will experience and how entrepreneurship and innovation will influence them. Finally, the last guest at the “Thinking of Post-pandemic Chile” webinar, was the rector of the Diego Portales Carlos Peña University, who in a conversation moderated by Cristián Warken, host of From the Garden of radio Pauta and Cristián Rodríguez, director of radio Pauta, He stated that “[Post-pandemic Chile] requires a different policy (…) that is capable of preparing a discourse that contains people’s expectations and guides them towards that sense of well-being. Gentleness CCHC

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