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Dictuc will present multidisciplinary solutions to the needs of the industry at Edifica 2022

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Tuesday 20 de September del 2022

Since 1938, Dictuc, a subsidiary of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, links academia with the high technical capacity of its professionals and technicians to deliver multidisciplinary engineering services and develop large-scale projects that solve specific problems of the industry and the country. Dictuc’s work is framed within high standards of quality and ethics, which are supported by its ISO 9001:2015 certification and its Crime Prevention Model. In addition, for six years, the company has been certified as a B Company, which is aligned with its dream of being the engine of technological development in the country, providing solutions to existing needs and creating value through the application of innovation and knowledge transfer. EDIFICA 2022 Within the broad portfolio of engineering solutions, Dictuc is characterized by providing customized services in each of the projects presented to it, always delivering a professional, committed and value-oriented approach. Specifically, within the area of Infrastructure and Construction, this company offers consultancy, studies, inspections, tests, certifications and expertise. In addition, according to the needs of each client, customized solutions are designed for any stage of the production process. As an example, we can mention: Pollution in construction sites. Carbon footprint measurement, design of mitigation plans and environmental monitoring. Failure analysis in structures and buildings. Metal failure analysis, concrete condition assessment, destructive and non-destructive testing, surveys and inspections in complex and multidisciplinary projects. Development of new construction solutions. Structural analysis, certification of materials, evaluation of habitability and fire resistance.

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