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Asian Leader who built skyscraper in 19 days will lead launch of Edifica Connect

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Friday 10 de September del 2021

Chinese businessman Zhang Yue, president and CEO of Broad Group stunned the world in 2015 by building a 57-story building in just 19 days in Changsah, China. The expert will be one of the main panelists in the framework of the launch of the new digital platform Edifica Connect that will be held on September 27 at 9:00. To participate you can register here. It should be noted that Zhang Yue’s secret was the innovation of stainless steel, a technology presented at Edifica in 2017. The Chinese businessman was born in Changshá in 1960 and in 1980 graduated from a professional art institute and began working as an educator and librarian. Eight years later, with 30,000 yuan and together with his brother, he founded in 1988 Broad Group that quickly became one of the most profitable companies in China. Since broad’s founding, Mr. Zhang has dedicated 90% of his time to technology, leading the research and development of all the group’s products, with more than 450 patented inventions. In 2005 he invented electrostatic air purification technology, in 2007 he invented clean fresh air technology, in 2009 he started with the sustainable industrial construction of buildings with steel structures and in 2017 he invented the stainless steel core plate with copper welding to hot air. Each of his inventions has revolutionized the construction sector, making Broad a technology leader in the industry. Faced with the serious situation of global climate change and air pollution, Zhang Yue dreams of replacing traditional construction technologies with his inventions, thus reducing the emission of CO2 and other pollutants by 5 times. For example, with the use of ultralight stainless steel core plates in replacement of concrete. In 2011, Zhang Yue was recognized as “Guardian of the Earth” by the United Nations, UN; and won the “Annual Innovation Award” from the World Society of Tall Buildings in 2003. In addition, in 2014, he was recognized by the American magazine Fortune as one of the 25 eco-innovators on the planet; while UK magazine Salt considered it among the “100 most compassionate business innovation leaders in the world” in 2015

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