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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile


In the last 12 years, Chile’s GDP growth has been of 3% with 3% annual inflation being number 1 in GDP per capita in Latin America. Chile is one of the most open trade policies in the world, with more than 29 trade agreements with 65 markets, representing 67% of the world population and 88% of global GDP. In this framework, our country has low customs tariffs and is a member of APEC, Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance.

Economic Sectors
Its main strategic sectors are: Mining, Construction, Transportation, among others.

Construction Sector

Construction is one of the strategic sectors of our economy. In 2019, annual investment in the sector grew by 4.6% and generated more than 703 thousand jobs, 8.4% of the country’s total employment.
The construction sector has a GDP share of 7.3% and total investment in construction in 2019 was 65% of total investment.
In 2019 and as an important part of the economy, construction contributed 8.5% in job creation, which translates into 766,250 jobs.

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