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03 to 06 October 2022 - Santiago, Chile

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Since 1949, Villalba Aceros produces the best solutions in steel plates and panels, with and without insulation, coated in zinc aluminum, galvanized and pre-painted in different colors for residential and industrial constructions.

Wednesday 9 de March del 2022
ACMANET: We are leaders in the manufacture of solutions in electroweund meshes for perimeter security

We are constantly looking for improvements in our products and services, placing the user at the center of our actions, oriented towards continuous improvement, quality and innovation in all our products.

Thursday 9 de September del 2021
EDIFICA 2022: ACMA, integral supplier of industrialized steel solutions for concrete reinforcement

The company has led the market for more than 50 years, providing our customers with distributors and construction companies with innovative products for reinforcement of walls

Thursday 9 de September del 2021
Edifica 2022: Gasco promotes the use of clean gas energy for efficient and safe heating in the residential world

The energy solutions company highlights the advantages offered by liquefied gas when heating the home and invites customers to implement the new digital meter.

Thursday 9 de September del 2021
EDIFICA 2019 – RC Tecnova will be part of expoedifica with metalpol, product of greater strength and lower weight for the construction of houses and buildings

RC Tecnova will participate in the next version of EXPOEDIFICA. At the company they stressed that “we combine high-quality technical materials, such as galvanized steel and expanded polystyrene (EPS)

Monday 15 de June del 2020
EDIFICA 2019 – Melón with more than 100 years providing construction materials will be part of expoedifica 2019

Melón began operations on December 20, 1908, producing the first bag of Portland cement at the La Calera plant.

Monday 15 de June del 2020
EDIFICA 2019 – Lorenzini will be part of expoedifica with innovations in road safety and construction

Lorenzini Company with more than 60 years of business history in the national market was founded in the 50s in the municipality of Macul.

Monday 15 de June del 2020
EDIFICA 2019 – Ika hogar will show its hvac area at expoedifica: wide range of innovative air conditioning equipment

Ika Hogar was born from the partnership with IKA, which is a Chinese-Korean joint venture located in the Jinqiao economic development zone of Pudong Shanghai in the Chinese nation of East Asia

Monday 15 de June del 2020

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