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Catálogo Arquitectura will launch OGUC Architecture Volume II at Edifica 2022

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Tuesday 2 de August del 2022

Catálogo Arquitectura (www.catalogoarquitectura.cl) is the most visited architectural products website in Chile, with thousands of products to specify. Users can browse through the different categories and products, connecting directly with suppliers. It’s that simple. Catálogo Arquitectura makes sure that the products have as much information as possible, even more than the suppliers themselves on their websites, since it is important that architects, builders and specifiers can understand the product they are going to specify. On the same site, you can find the BIM Catalog section, a place where BIM models from more than 30 suppliers are published. These products, made for Revit and in IFC format, are parametric, 100% adaptable, with realistic textures for renderings, along with the respective cubing tables. Catálogo BIM is recognized for its concern for quality when inserting products into projects. In 2020, as a company, they published the OGUC Ilustrada I Del Urbanismo, a book that graphically and synthetically exposes the competent regulatory framework in Chile, according to the current rules established in the Law and General Ordinance of Urbanism and Construction. This is done through the inclusion of a language close to the field of architectural design, urban planning and construction. The book is currently sold at www.ogucilustrada.cl OGUC Ilustrada I Del Urbanismo aims to bridge the gap between the available information (Marco Normativo) and the understanding and correct use of this, and to some extent, to collaborate with democratizing the understanding of information. In addition, it seeks to collaborate with the need for an early preparation of undergraduate and technical students in the mastery of the Chilean Regulatory Framework for the integral performance of future professionals. The book is not a linear replica of the Law and General Ordinance of Urbanism and Construction, but rather aims to be a friendly ally, that is, a support and technical consultation tool for professionals in architecture, urban planning and construction. “In EDIFICA, the second volume, called OGUC Volume II of Architecture, awaited by thousands of professionals and of which we are very proud to have concluded, will be launched,” said the institution.

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