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BERD at Edifica: State-of-the-art for bridge and viaduct construction

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Thursday 25 de August del 2022

BERD began its activity in 2006 with the research, development and application of cutting-edge solutions in construction methods for the construction of bridges and viaducts. With its equipment developed to withstand high loads thanks to the incorporation of the patented Organic Prestressing System (OPS), BERD has specialized in the construction of large span bridge decks. BERD’s self-launching formwork (cast-in-place) and shuttles (precast segments) with OPS technology are used for the construction of concrete bridges with spans from 20 to 120 meters. The M1, an exclusive BERD product, set a world record by constructing 90-meter spans in only 12 days using the cast-in-place method. BERD offers its customers the possibility to build bridges with higher quality, significant cost savings and faster and more efficient construction cycles by adapting its equipment and responding to the most demanding challenges for special bridges. Due to its vast experience and expertise in Bridge Engineering, BERD launched in 2016 a new and innovative business area, MBS (Modular Bridge Solutions). MBS by BERD modular bridges are top quality, durable and reusable structures with a very high level of optimization by minimizing the amount of material, waste, CO2 emissions and embodied energy during the fabrication, transport and construction phases. MBS by BERD has more than 150 modular bridges delivered to Peru, Canada and Mozambique and has recently been awarded the European Steel Bridge Award 2022 by the European Convention on Steel Construction (ECCS). BERD began its internationalization process in 2007 and today is present in 5 continents in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Egypt, United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mozambique, among others.

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