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Antonio Errázuriz assumes as new president of the Chilean Chamber of Construction

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Wednesday 9 de September del 2020

Antonio Errázuriz was elected as the new president of the Chilean Chamber of Construction (CChC) for the period 2020-2021, succeeding the past guild leader, Patricio Donoso. In his professional career, of 37 years, Errázuriz was Director of the Mutual de Seguridad (health and safety organization) and also Vice President of the Chamber. “Along with thanking you for your support, I would like to invite not only you as members of the CChC, but also all the citizens of our country to join us and together, move Chile forward, which today more than ever requires it,” he said after being elected at the 180th meeting of the national council of the union. Regarding the two axes that will mark his leadership, the new president of the sector said that his energy will be put in recovering the jobs lost during the crisis and that the member companies of the Chamber assume their social role. The new board of directors of the association will also consist of Juan Armando Vicuña, Carlos Zeppelin and Pedro Plaza as vice president, in addition to Patricio Donoso as past president. During the meeting, the board of directors of the entity was also elected, which will be composed of representatives of the guild committees and regional chambers. “The great challenge we are facing today is to recover the activity in the sector, today there are many construction workers who are out of work and that for us is the great challenge,” said Antonio Errázuriz. Luis Miguel De Pablo Ruiz was elected as director representing the union committees, for the Concessions Committee; Francisco Javier Prat del Río, for the General Contractors Committee; Diego Toro Gandarillas, for the Specialties Committee; Claudio Cerda Herreros, for the Industrialists’ Committee; Claudio Nitsche Meli, for the Real Estate Committee; Paulo Bezanilla Saavedra, for the Public Infrastructure Works Committee; Félix Escudero Vargas, for the Suppliers’ Committee; and Guillermo Larraín Vial, for the Housing Committee. For directors representing the regional chambers, Andrew Trench Fontanes was elected for the Northern Zone; Martín Bruna Valiente for the Central Zone; René Poblete Castañeda for the Southern Zone; and Melcon Martabid Razazi for the Southern Zone.

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