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Thursday 9 de June del 2022

AlChile Holding, leaders in the enclosures sector, aluminum profiles, PVC, glass, thermopanels, accessories for doors and windows, with nationwide presence, is preparing to bring the latest innovations and solutions for the world of construction, real estate and architecture to the EDIFICA 2022 event. On this occasion we will bring the latest product lines developed, since we are always looking to innovate to offer our customers the best support in the realization of their projects in a comprehensive and sustainable manner. We understand that there are tremendous challenges in terms of housing in the country, but we approach them from a sustainable and ecological point of view, improving the insulation of spaces, allowing us to pass on considerable savings to end customers in the use of fossil fuels for heating and air conditioning. Our sales executives will be available at the stand located in the central pavilion at location 2-E522, where they will be able to advise builders, real estate agents, architects and other stakeholders on the functional and aesthetic benefits of our solutions. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about our certifications and qualities that support our products. Edifica is one of the most important construction fairs in the country, and we are proud to participate again this year, as it allows us to be in direct contact with our customers and understand their new needs.

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