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2024 - Parque Fisa Santiago, Chile

ACMANET: We are leaders in the manufacture of solutions in electroweund meshes for perimeter security

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Thursday 9 de September del 2021

We are constantly looking for improvements in our products and services, placing the user at the center of our actions, oriented towards continuous improvement, quality and innovation in all our products. Acmanet is made up of capital from Chilean and Belgian partners, being part of the Bekaert group, a world leader in the wire and its derivatives market. Bekaert has a broad portfolio of products in all parts of the world, developing steel wire transformation and coating solutions for multiple uses, applications and transformations. We have a wide network of distributors which allows us to reach our products throughout the country with a presence in different sectors of the economy. Our challenge and commitment is to offer products with the highest quality standards along with the best service, attentive to the needs of the market. And so we will do for EXPOEDIFICA 2022.

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